5 Uses for Dental Floss in the Outdoors

Believe it or not, plain old floss has numerous usages aside from teeth cleaning up. When you consider it, it, in fact, makes good sense. Due to the fact that it needs to sit tight, abrasive areas, floss is made from really strong nylon fibers. If you’ve ever attempted to manage an area of floss without the case’s integrated cutter, you currently can vouch for its unexpected strength. To offer it a minty taste, it’s typically waxed– that makes floss excellent for knot connecting.

Lastly, because it is entering into your mouth, floss comes sterilized right out of the plan. With all these fantastic qualities, it’s fantastic that outside toolkits do not feature a plan of floss right in them.

Keep reading to see some usages for floss that you may not anticipate.


If you’ve been badly cut in the outdoors, getting to an emergency clinic isn’t constantly the most useful alternative. In a bind, you can utilize floss and a sterilized needle to close up the injury and stop the bleeding. It definitely will not be enjoyable without anesthetic, however, the primitive combination finishes the job.


Along the very same lines as the stitches, you can likewise utilize floss as a thread for clothes repair work. Whether it’s a popped off button or a torn sleeve, floss is a fantastic replacement for a thread when you’re in the outdoors. Approved, it most likely will not look precisely like a tailor did it. However, clothing does not make the male in the outdoors.


Dental Floss

If you’ve got strong hands, you can in fact cut lots of pieces of meat and cheese with accuracy utilizing floss. Merely cover it around gloved hands, like you would when you’re flossing, and continue to use down pressure on the product that requires to be spliced together with a backward and forward motion.

Fishing line

If you wind up near a body of water however forgot to load a rod and reel, you can in fact hand fish for a lot of types utilizing floss. As pointed out in the past, its wax covering makes it ideal for connecting even the most complex fishing knot. Simply attempt not to do anything ridiculous (shark fishing, maybe) with it.


Clearly, you will not have the ability to climb up a length of floss or anything, however, in scenarios where things require to be looped (branches in a shelter, for example) floss works as a fitting replacement for thin rope.

Floss, with its practical and light-weight product packaging, is terrific stealth outside tool to bring together with you on your next journey into the wilderness. With all of its fantastic usages, you may need to knowingly advise yourself to conserve some for your teeth!