19 Wonderfully Nostalgic Vintage Camper Ads

It’s easy to look back on vintage camping ads, and brush them off as outdated or out of touch. Sure, the messaging might be a little “off”– but it’s fun to recall at the roots of lots of successful items to see their relationship with the outdoors.

We hope you delight in traveling through this gallery of classic outdoor camping ads that vary from vintage camping gear to vintage camper trailers to Smokey The Bear advertisements– and even some mainstream brands that leveraged American’s enthusiasm for outdoor camping into their national advertising campaign.

Without additional ado– our gallery of classic vintage camping ads:

We’re pretty glad they decided to change the name “sleeping pocket”

Virgin wool from the Pacific Northwest. Pendleton still aims to please

It’s interesting to imagine a family today jamming into a Plymouth Horizon for a road trip across the country

Most of the time we’re reaching for GORP or trail mix. Looks like we’ve been overlooking bananas!

You might be asking yourself what cooking oil has to do with hiking…well, you better ask your doctor.

We’re not sure if this is a family road trip ad – or the line to get into an insane concert in the desert.

Let’s be honest, if you’re going to spend 16 hours preparing a meal…it’s probably not pork & beans

It’s a wonder that SPAM was the canned meat that made it out successfully – mmmmm, Camp Pie

Feel The Steel…and don’t mind the stranger in the woods with a flashlight

We’re not sure we want to know the answer…

In 1959, Flamingo Trailers asked you to “Travel The Modern Way”

Even deep in the wilds of the north country, you can enjoy the comfort of a fine Collins – thanks, 7up!

Sure, they were only $4.95 – but I don’t think we’ll be seen at the campsite in side lace-up swim trunks

Coleman put their stake in the ground early: “The Greatest Little Portable Stove A Sportsman Ever Owned”

What we wouldn’t give to spend just one more night in a Kraft Marshmallow sleeping bag.

“Hey Kids, we’re going to spend summer vacation on a train…camping”

When we “rough it”, we always bring our bath robes

Who needs to go to the cabin, when your second home is a Family Wagon?

Every campsite has a Bic lighter, and in the 1970’s – they were just “disco fashion”