Camping Supplies Organization: Bring The Right Camping Supplies To Protect Your Food

The last thing you wish to do when outdoor camping is to keep your food in your camping tent. The outdoors is where animals such as bears, skunks, and raccoons live. These animals have all discovered that any place people are, food can be discovered close by and they are frequently not scared of people. They do not wish to consume people however they can be extremely disruptive when searching for food and you have it in your camping tent or spread throughout the campground.

The best location to keep your outdoor camping food remains in your cars and truck due to the fact that animals can’t smell the food too and definitely will not have the ability to get in the automobile.

However what if you do not wish to save your food in the vehicle or you’ve got some remaining food that’s trash and you prepare to toss it away in a dumpster later on. You must think about including a big trash can in your outdoor camping materials.

You can keep the fresh food in one bag and the trash food in another then hang both high up in a tree by connecting the bags to one end of a rope then tossing the bag over a branch and connecting off the other end of the rope to a nail in the tree.

Do not forget to bring some nails, a 25-foot rope, and a little hammer. Keep in mind that raccoons and bears can climb up trees and potentially tear the bags however generally, hanging them high is a deterrent and the aroma of the food up high is not as quickly discovered as when it’s on a table or on the ground in a bag.

Other products you may think about bringing is a fishing internet and a folding shovel.


Rather of utilizing trash can you can put your food in a big fishing web and hang it high in a tree by connecting one end of a rope to the end of the fishing internet deal with, tossing the web over a tree branch and connecting off the other end of a rope to a nail in the tree or another branch.

It’s a lot more difficult for bears and raccoons to reach the web since the internet’s long deal with and it’s likewise more difficult to tear a net than it is to tear a trash can.

Utilize your folding shovel to bury the remaining food if there isn’t a garbage container neighboring and bury the food far from your camping tents.

Last but not least, constantly keep in mind to hang the food far from your camping tent and your vehicle.

Following the above pointers and bringing the ideal outdoor camping products will assist you to prevent the animals that enjoy your food as much as you do and these suggestions will assist keep you safe.